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Our painters are skilled & experienced

All painting jobs completed on schedule & within budget

Conduct thorough clean-up of job site

Exceptional service by the Sea to Sky's premier painting company

Professional & detailed results

How is a job priced?

Jobs are priced based on the total amount of time it will take to complete the job as well as all the paint and materials needed.

Can I supply the paint?

Clients are welcome to supply their own paint. However, not all paint is created equal and there is a risk of choosing an inferior paint than what we recommend. Therefore we cannot offer any guarantees on the paint you supply. We also receive discounts better than most other painting companies that we are happy to pass on to you.

What is involved in preparation of an interior job?

Removing and replacing switch and outlet covers, moving furniture to the middle of the room, filling and repairing of any nail holes, nail pops, and cracks, sanding rough areas, and caulking gaps in trim are all including in the quoted price for all interior jobs.

What is involved in the preparation of an exterior job?

Scraping and sanding of all loose and peeling paint, sanding rough and uneven areas, priming bare areas, and caulking gaps are all included in the quoted price for all exterior jobs. Additional preparation may include power washing with TSP and bleach.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Our Guarantee covers discoloration and adhesion of paint. If the paint starts to fade, bubble, or peel, we will resolve the problem within a reasonable timeframe. However, our Guarantee does not include areas that experience higher levels of wear or moisture including, but not limited to, fences and decks.

What is involved in a consultation?

If you find it difficult to choose a colour scheme or how to proceed with a project, our professionals would be happy to assist you using the most innovative technology and ideas to suit your vision.

Is Benjamin Moore paint the best on the market?

Like all paint companies, there are many different qualities of paint ranging from contractor grade to top of the line paints. We make sure you are getting the most reliable and best quality paints on the market, regardless of brand.

When hiring a painting contractor for your next painting project, it is important to ask the following questions when making your selection to ensure you hire a reputable company.

Q - How long has the painting company been in business?

A - It is always better to go with a painting company that has been in business for at least five years. This will ensure that they are not a fly-by-night contractor who will leave town before the job is even finished.


Q - Do they use subcontractors?

A - It is important that painting companies do not use subcontractors because this can lead to unskilled and unprofessional painters working on your home. If you receive a rather low painting estimate from a company, most times the reason is that they have inexperienced workers on the job.


Q - Do they offer a warranty and are they insured?

A - Any respectable painting contractor will provide a warranty on their work. Items covered should include labor and materials. Additionally, your painter should be fully insured when they work on your home.


Q - Has the company received any awards for superior service?

A - When looking for high quality work, it is best to go with a company that has been recognized by local organizations or online review sites.

Q - Can the painting company provide references?

A - Before working with any painting contractor, it is a good idea to check some of their past references and contact them to discuss the work that was done.


Q - Do they have a picture portfolio of past jobs?

A - It helps to see pictures to truly determine the quality of a painting contractors work. Don’t let low-quality photos fool you. Find high-quality pictures of the painter’s past work that include the staff working in the photos to make sure they aren’t using stock photography. Look for clean-cut lines in corners where there are different colors meeting and even finishes on walls.


Q -  Do they keep a clean work place?

A - Experienced painting contractors understand it is important to keep your home neat and clean. At the end of every day, the painters should take the time to clean up all the areas in which they worked.

Q - What brands of paint do they use?

A - Be sure to use a painter who uses professional quality paint from name brand stores like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams. Lower quality paints can dull over time.


Q - How much wall prep is included in the estimate?

A - Always verify that proper wall preparation is performed prior to painting. Some painting companies do not take the time to properly prep walls. This can cause premature peeling and cracking.


Q - Are they involved in the community?

A - It is an added bonus if you learn that any type of business gives back to the community. Not only does it show confidence that the business provides the best in quality work, but it also shows that it cares about the people they work for.

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